Cancellation Policy - Kelsey Mastering

Kelsey Mastering Cancellation Policy

Feedback from you has shown that you want the same quality masters you’re used to, but with predictable turnaround times. Mastering is the tail-end of a production process that has to accommodate everybody from the completely in-control time-manager to the tail-chasing creative who hates to plan. I’ve had to find a model that delivers to both in good time while allowing me to stay in the creative space I need to produce consistently great masters and grow in my craft. This model is driven by simplicity and my need to replace conversations about payment with conversations about creative aspects of your music.

The general idea behind this is that for me to be able to return scheduled work within 48hr of the booking date, I want to be assured that I’ll be in possession of the mixes to master in time, and be paid up-front for the time allocated regardless of whether I received the mixes because filling the time-slot on short-notice is not guaranteed. By not billing retrospectively I can relax and focus on delivering all the potential I can imagine on your music.

This is how it works:
  1. You choose the day for your mastering session.
  2. You pay in full to confirm the booking after accepting the terms and conditions. You will receive a Booking Receipt email once you’ve paid with more information and important reminders.
  3. Bookings must be cancelled 48 hours before 07h00 UTC+01:00 (London time) to qualify for a refund less the administration fee of 15% which may be charged.
  4. When booking, you also agree to supply the mixes in recommended formats and provide a document with all required CD-text (cd-text like album title, artist name, track sequence and ISRC codes) no less than 24 hours before 07h00 on the date booked (UTC+01:00, London time). You can deliver the tracks and information using this link or replying to the Booking Receipt email with an existing download link and the CD-text information.
  5. If I don’t have your tracks in time for the session 50% of the full track fee will be retained and you will be required to book and pay for another session using the booking system. If I have received the tracks but no CD text information then the masters will be delivered with the files named as they were provided.  Any subsequent editing of CD text, addition of ISRC codes or compiling of DDP will have to be booked via the booking system under ‘Editing’.

Please see the terms and conditions for a break-down of the finer details which are there to protect us both.