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Rates and Services

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Stereo Audio Mastering

£65 per track


Add-ons available when booking:

  • Alternate versions (radio edits/instrumentals/backing tracks) £5 per version, per master
  • Mastered for vinyl, £100 per vinyl, delivered as Side-A/Side-B files
  • Apple Digital Masters, £10 per master
  • 24hour turnaround, £30 per master

Stems Audio Mastering

  • £65 + £8 per stem
  • maximum of 6 stems
    *Click here for tips on how to export your mix for STEMS mastering.

Wave file ISRC encoding & DDP authoring

  • Encoding: £5 per song
  • DDP Authoring: £60 per DDP image

Standard Deliverables

You will receive:

  • Masters in the format you supply
  • Masters optimised for streaming
  • CD-format masters (16bit 44.1khz)
  • mp3 as 320kbps and 192kbps


If booked within 10 days of the original session date, the process allows for:

  • one free master revision
  • one free mix revision followed by a from-scratch master or using the same settings as the master of the first mix
  • 50% off for masters of extra mix revisions or alternate version masters booked after the original session


  • Standard booking: 3 business day turnaround is typical
  • For urgent bookings, a 24hour turnaround option is available as an add-on during the booking process

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